"Living on the leading edge in Los Angeles of the nineteen sixties and seventies.  The author claims that this is based on true life characters and events and so you wonder which parts will jump out and surprise you or tease the participants like ghosts out of their  past.  The character development and flavor of LA style is impeccable.  Looking over this author’s professional resume, you would hardly expect less.  He delivers!  It is a lively read.  If you ever lived the era or wished you had, this book is for you."

— Renee


"Loved loved loved it. Brought back such fond memories of those times at the local hang out, Jon's Drawer, not to mention the amazing clothes we bought and the cast of offbeat, Bohemian characters. A must read for everyone."

—Carol O. 



Not only did this book bring back memories, it also filled in the blanks of a time that was dying and another time emerging. I can't speak for anyone else but the end of the 60's where old ideas and worn out trends were taking a last gasp and most of us were wondering what to do with our lives. Material Things showed us life's possibilities in and around a group of guys who were starting to think outside of the box. I certainly can relate to that time when the prescribed road seemed out of the question. Without a designated course to rely on they created memories whether good or bad were fresh, exciting and dangerous, certainly not our parents view on how to succeed in life. Love the style Larry Spencer chose which brought the characters to life in a mixture of fear, and uncertainty, but mostly truthful dialogue. Most of the action was centered around a new business that invited interesting people in the door...reminds me of the diner I used to go to when I would skip High School.

—Toni Tucker


This is a brilliantly written book which kept me gripped from start to finish. The book has a very strong lead character, Matthew Street, and his story is captivating - the epitome of 1960’s and 1970’s sex, drugs and denim fashionista rock n’roll from a west coast Hollywood perspective wrapped up with plenty of girls, glam with a broad cocktail of fast cars, beaches, sun, sea, boats, fashion, addiction, bust-ups, window dressing and slick interior design...not to mention the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Really looking forward to the film coming out for this epic story. A must read - this young entrepreneur was a dude who lived the dream. Larry Spencer is a wonderful author. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the film...and the sequel(s)! 5 Star Plus. Live the dream.

—Ed Tait (Edinburgh, Scotland)



"Full disclosure: I've known Larry Spencer for a long time. Worked with him years ago on a tv show. I see him occasionally, so this is not someone reviewing his best friend's book. Larry is a very funny guy. Dry and sarcastic. When I read "Oliver Bass" I was not surprised to discover the uniquely verbally-unfiltered title character. So refreshingly and creatively straightforward, and at such a young age. What really pleased me the most about this book, was that, damn, Larry wrote the crap out of it. He threw the kitchen sink at Oliver, who at 17, was too young to have that many tragic moments in his life. But those moments served to enhance what Oliver was really about. Aided by a cast of deeply nuanced and entertaining characters, Oliver met these life-changing events head-on. This is a terrific piece of work. READ THIS BOOK! SERIOUSLY." 

—  George Beckerman


"There are no easy answers in Larry Spencer’s quintessential American neo-noir novel. The characters struggle to find meaning in their lives, and their quirky outlooks keep you amused. Spencer’s comedy background is apparent in the witty dialogue. It’s a good story that keeps you engaged, which is no small feat. Is the end unexpected? As Oliver Bass would say, “Yes. No. Maybe.” I won't give it away. You'll have to read it to find out. Recommended!"

—  Flannery


"I am a great fan of Larry Spencer's writing having read another non-published work by him in addition to this one. His characters fascinate and are sketched with just the right amount of detail to bring them fully to life while they explore and question the nature of their reality. It is obvious that the author is a perceptive observer of human nature and has a talent for revealing his conclusions in a very entertaining and thought provoking way. If you are looking for a good and intelligent read that takes you off the beaten path, I highly recommend "The Tipping Point of Oliver Bass."

—  Robert B.